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Gustin American Heavyweight - I purchased two pairs of Gustin jeans during their recent Kickstarter campaign. One American Heavyweight and one Japanese Heavyweight. The first pair arrived (they are crowdsourced and produced and then shipped as completed). 

As a point of reference, my all-time favorite jean has been Levis LVC 1947’s from the early years of the LVC program (made on Valencia Street in San Francisco). I have several pairs along with some bespoke Jack Knife jeans, Rising Sun blacksmiths and Jean Shop Rockers. Unfortunately, todays Levis LVC 1947’s just aren’t the same in the fit and feel of the fabric so I began searching for options and stumbled upon Gustin. 

The thigh and knee are essentially the same as a ‘47.  The rise is about an inch lower which gives it a bit more modern cut. I like that. To me, these would be the perfect jean if the cuff was around 8”. These are a straight fit and I do like a slight taper. My 47’s have an 8.25 cuff. These have an 8 and 5/8th inch cuff although the website says 9”.  When the Japanese Heavyweights arrive I may have them tapped to 8” if they are closer to 9”. 

What blows me away about these jeans however is the denim. This may be the best denim I have ever run across from Cone Mills. Most Cone I’ve seen in the last few years has been pretty flat and dull.  This fabric, on the other hand has great character, color and texture. My guess is that this texture and color will produce beautiful fades. Although it is called Heavyweight, don’t let that name scare you. It is comfortable and flexible the first time you wear them. 

If you have been sitting on the sidelines watching Gustin and waiting to hear reviews, I’m here to say, “The wait is over”.  This quality and price is an unbeatable value. 

Gustin jeans can be ordered from their website here

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