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 Not long ago most men were content with a drawer full of generic navy socks. But, with leading men’s magazines and blogs focusing on bright colors and expressive designs a whole new perspective has opened up for men when considering what to wear on their feet.  I’m the first to admit that I’ve enjoyed my share of attention-gathering socks. Yet, there is another side to socks equally worthy of exploration for those interested in fine menswear – quality and comfort.

 Enter Mario Bresciani. In 1970, he established Bresciani in Mantova, Italy to manufacture fine quality hosiery using the finest natural yarns in multiple cottons, (Sea Island through pimas), multiple wool, cashmere, hemp, silks and linens. http://www.bresciani.it/ I was delighted to receive examples of the Bresciani line, for review, by way of the company’s largest US online retailer A Suitable Wardrobe. http://store.asuitablewardrobe.net

 The first thing you notice about Bresciani socks is the material. It looks luxurious to your eyes and feels “special” in your hands. It is a sensual experience.

 The entire range of Bresciani is sized to your feet. No “one size fits some”, and that alone is quite a pleasurable experience. The sizing adds to your overall comfort since it eliminates bunching. The excellent weave of the fabrics and handwork in the seams contributes to what feels like a custom fit. You are immediately spoiled.

 After enjoying my Bresciani socks for the last few weeks I noticed that their over-the-calf socks stay up better than other premium brands. The feel of the socks continue to impress me, even after multiple washings. (With these fine socks I have been careful to wash on cold and air dry. I will keep them away from the dryer).

 These are the socks you will want for everything from formal to casual dress. And, with the warm weather upon us, be sure to try their lightweight cotton that is almost sheer. You will have the coolest feet in the room.

 To see more examples of Bresciani socks, especially their colorful and expressive designs, go to their Facebook page and their blog at http://bresciani1970.tumblr.com/

 - Gus Walbolt

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