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J Lawrence Khaki’s – Khaki Pant Review

 Khakis have been a staple in most men’s wardrobes for generations. Yet, it has been a challenge for me to find khakis with a combination of fit, construction and quality fabric on a level to put them in the category of a true dress khaki.

 Jim Ockert, owner of J Lawrence Khaki’s of Carmel, provided me with a pair of his new private label khakis under his J Lawrence brand for review. When your store is known nationally as “Khaki’s of Carmel”, the expectations are going to be rather high regarding your khakis…so, you better be prepared to deliver.

 When picking up the pants the first thing that impressed me was the feel of the fabric. It is soft and comfortable yet densely woven cotton twill. They use a British dress twill of 100% cotton that comes in three shades of khaki. My review pair was an olive brown, an attractive shade that is especially nice to achieve mixed combinations of browns and blues that are currently popular.

 Next I noticed a unique detail- a gray flannel belt loop in the rear center of the waist. No particular function here, just one of those subtle signals to your fellow menswear aficionados that details count.

 The interior of the pants are made from fine poplin and heavy oxford cloth shirting material giving the pants a quality classic feel. This is often just the sort of the feature where brands cut corners and another example of the attention to detail in these khakis.

 When asked about the pants Jim Ockert becomes very passionate. “ We sought out one of the great remaining, old-school tailors back East. Sitting down with the owner we said, “We want to create a khaki like no one has seen in 30 years. What can we do to make these the best?” So, we went to extra lengths to create a khaki that will give a customer a premium experience, an updated fit that is trim but not skinny, top construction and fabric that feels great but won’t bag out in the knees or seat. This is a true dressy khaki that can be tailored.”

 Once my review pants were tailored I enjoyed their modern classic cut. The cuff opening on a size 36” is 8.5” and the rise just around 11”. The fit is comfortable but not full. Just right for a neat tailored appearance all day long.

 Khaki’s of Carmel will be adding a new model any week now. It will have a slightly trimmer fit and lower rise for a more fashionable look. For all-around use I prefer this modern classic fit and like them so much that I will be purchasing the other two colors to add to my wardrobe.

 I highly recommend these J Lawrence Khaki’s pants to anyone who is looking for a true high quality khaki pant. I’m sure you will be as delighted as I was to finally find such a comfortable and good-looking khaki pant.

 J Lawrence khakis are $199.00 each and available in three colors from Khaki’s of Carmel. http://www.khakisofcarmel.com/ They are not currently available on their new web store but I am told that they will be added soon. In the meantime you can visit the store (open 7 days a week), call them at 831-277-4975 or email Jim Ockert at jimockert@yahoo.com

 You can also read a review of J Lawrence Khaki’s khakis by Kiyoshi AKA The SIlentist here 


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