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Cable Car Clothiers – Traditional Haberdashery

 San Francisco’s British Goods Store Since 1939

 A visit to Cable Car Clothiers is a delight. There just isn’t a menswear store quite like it anywhere, anymore. Filled with hard to find old-school British and American apparel and accessories, Cable Car Clothiers is also known for its large selection of fine hats and a recently added 1930’s period correct barber shop.

 Jonathan Levin the president and grandson of Cable Car Clothiers founder Charles Pivnick., said “Growing up grandpa always wore a hat and a three piece suit. He used to tell me, “How you dress is how you present yourself. It gives you more confidence.”

 “Our look is traditional and to this day our suits are constructed exactly the way my grandfather had them made 70 years ago – Southwick, three button jackets with a six button vests, never 5,” says Jonathan with a smile. “And, with a natural shoulder.”

 “Our focus has always been on classic quality clothing, grooming and accessories made in the USA and the UK. The blueprint for the store was created by my grandfather and I don’t need to change it.”

 “We have older customers who come in all the time and say, “I bought my very first blue blazer from your store.” And, we are getting a growing number of young guys who are seeking quality and appreciate our look. They love our hats, our Harris Tweed or corduroy 3 button natural shoulder jackets or we make a special suit for them to our Cable Car specifications. Of course we can also adjust any MTM to whatever the customer requests.”

 Looking around Cable Car you will find off-white cable knit cricket sweaters from the UK, pure badger shaving brushes, walking sticks, St John’s Bay Rum, ascots, collar pins, blazer buttons, a four tier rack filled with hundreds of bow ties, long glass cases filled with hats in every imaginable shape, colors and style and of course plenty of traditional cut pants and jackets. It is just the place to locate that classic seersucker suit in time for spring.

 And, if you need a shave or a haircut, be sure and make an appointment with Nicky the barber .

 Cable Car Clothiers, 110 Sutter St, San Francisco, California


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