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Made In San Francisco, US Selvedge Jeans $81- Thats right, only $81.  The owners of SF based denim brand Gustin have decided to go direct to consumers and price at wholesale. They are currently doing a Kickstarter project where you can order your jeans. The fabric is a US made Cone Mills 13.5 oz selvedge denim, leather patch, half lined rear pockets, no generic hardware and made in San Francisco. These guys aren’t new to the business. They have been producing jeans for 6 years.

I was all set to buy a pair last summer at a much higher price because I loved their fit and details but the inseam wasn’t long enough. They have a new longer inseam so I’ve just ordered my pair. 

This is one of the better Kickstarter projects I’ve seen where the supporters actually get 100% of their donation back in quality, proven product. I like that too. Way to go Gustin.


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    Okay - non watch topic - love raw...nice and patina’ed over time -
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    Friend at work brought this to my attention too. Look at their fit guide (near bottom, hard to find link) to make sure...
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    Interesting, good to see what appear to be quality jeans at a relatively decent price-point.
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    This is notable.
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