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Time for Tweed- I have always enjoyed the look and feel of classic outwear like an Arny’s of Paris Forestiere or British tweed sport jackets. But, when I try them on they are usually far too boxy and don’t suit my build. I asked MIna and Dino of Napolisumisura http://www.napolisumisura.com/ if they would make a heavy jacket that combined their modern Neopolitan style and a 1940’s “sport” coat (as seen in the photo of David Niven, above). I wanted something that I could dress up with a tie or throw on with jeans to go hunting truffles (In case I ever decided to go truffle hunting, that is).  Loro Piana had just released a large herringbone pattern in deep brown and putty (off white) with a retro look. It reminded me of fabrics I had seen on various models of Forestieres. I asked for patch pockets, a little longer length and a slightly roomier shoulder. 

What I have now is a very comfortable warm jacket (cashmere and wool blend) that is as dressy or as casual as I want it to be. It is worn here with a charcoal cashmere knit tie by Luciano Barbera and pocket square by Etro in brown, putty, green, blue and gold, for abitofcolor…

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